Life of a Blueberry Plant

May - Blueberry Flowering:




a) This year blueberry flowering began around around May 17th for early varieties. The late varieties finished flowering June 13th
b) A single variety can flower between 7 and 14 days, depending on
weather conditions.




c) A shape of a blueberry flower discourages self pollination and encourages cross pollination. How? Small flower opening, upside down flower, heavy pollen won't blow in wind.
d) Along with native bees we also rent honey bee hives each year.




Just a note about bees...bumble bees and native bees are the best pollinators for blueberries. They have a long body and can fit inside the long narrow blueberry flowers. See picture above. We like to attract as many native bees as possible to our blueberry field.

June - Fruit Set:




Notice the flower petals have fallen off to reveal small fruit. Generally berries ripen two months after flowering. Compare the berry sizes, as some as
are larger than others. Blueberries in one cluster ripen at different times.
We harvest berries from the same cluster up to three times, as the
blueberries mature.

Ripening Blueberries:




In two weeks the berries have enlarged dramatically!
Blueberry plants must have sufficient rain/irrigation during the fruit ripening phase. Drought conditions will reduce fruit size and may affect fruit flavour

July - Blueberry Harvest:

Blueberry harvest is our favourite time of the year as we
like to eat blueberries!

How can you tell when a blueberry is ripe?
Answer: The blueberry must be a dark blue to almost black colour. The fruit should have a consistent blue colour with no purple or pink tones.

Frozen Blueberry Plants:

2012: A late frost April 27, 28th produced temperatures of minus 7 to minus 8 for two nights, while our blueberry plants flowered.

To protect the flowers Don irrigated the plants throughout the night.
A chemical reaction occurs when water freezes to the flowers. The heat from the freezing water protects the flowers, Thanks to Don's work we had a great 2012 berry harvest.


  • At Berrylicious Fruit Farm we grow 7 varieties of highbush blueberries: Duke, Blue Ray, Blue Crop, Blue Jay, Patriot, Jersey, Nelson. Our favourites are the mid season varieties
    Blue Crop and Blue Ray.
  • Highbush blueberries are members of the Ericaceae family.
  • Blueberries require acidic soil for optimal growth and reproduction.
  • Mature blueberry plants grow to be 6-8 feet tall.
  • The crown of the plant produces several canes each spring.
  • The flower buds form in the fall.
  • In Southern Ontario blueberry flowering time starts around Victoria Day Weekend.
  • Plants produce fruit approximately 8 weeks after
    flowering on average.


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