Life of an Elderberry Plant

May - Elderberry Leafing Out



The elderberry plant, belongs to the plant family Sambucus Canadensis,
Elderberries grow best in moist loamy soil although you can find wild elderberries growing in fence rows, beside ponds and wet areas. More recently plant breeders have created cultivated elderberry varieties that have a slightly larger fruit, and similar taste.  

June - Elderberry Flowering



Have you ever seen a flowering elderberry plant as you drive along a country road? This is a native perennial shrub growing 5 - 10 feet tall.

The elderberry shrub flowers in June. The flat umbel of small, white, fragrant flowers are quite showy. Wind is the main vector for pollinating elderberry flowers. A ripe elderberry cluster has a characteristic look, hundreds of small deep purple berries hang upside down in a cluster.





At Berrylicious Fruit Farm we grow the following elderberry varieties: Kent, Essex, Scotia, Victoria.

August - Elderberry Harvest



Harvest occurs from late August to early September for a 2-3 week period. Once harvsted, the berries must be destemmed.  



There are many uses for elderberries including:   

  • Elderberry pie
  • Jam, jelly
  • Medicinal syrup
  • Elderberry wine
  • Elderberry flower wine




Nutrition Facts