Health and Benefits

Research provides strong evidence that blueberries are a healthy fruit for both the body and mind. 

Blueberry health benefits extend beyond nutrition. 
Health Studies show the power of blueberries to: 1) Improve memory, 2) Lower blood pressure, 3) Reduce chance of heart attack, 4) Cancer fighting antioxidants

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Protect all aspects of your memory with these research-backed tips: 

1. Meditation for working memory. Meditation can help you hold more information in your working memory by improving your concentration.

2. Coffee for memory consolidation. New research shows that consuming caffeine after learning something new can improve your ability to remember it a day later. 

3. Berries for long-term memory. Flavonoids found in berries, especially blueberries, appear to strengthen existing connections in your brain, which can stave off age-related memory decline. 

4. Exercise for spatial memory. Physical exercise not only improves spatial memory, it can also improve many other cognitive abilities. 

5. Chewing gum for stronger memories. Preliminary studies show that chewing gum can improve performance on memory tests — possibly because it increases activity in the hippocampus. 

6. Sleep for memory consolidation. Sleep is where most of your memory consolidation takes place, and when you don’t get enough rest your long-term memory storage can suffer.

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