Our Farm Philosophy

Our philosophy is to grow nutritious and delicious fruit for our family and yours.  We respect our natural farming environment and use Agricultural Best Practises to maintain healthy soil structure, preserve moisture, while building healthy plants.

Berrylicious Fruit Farm 5 Guiding Principles: 

  1. 1)  Quality — 
    To  provide our customers with fresh, sweet, delicious and nutritious fruit. 
    2)  Customer Service — 
    We love to see our customers leave with a smile on their face. 
    Our customers return year after year.    
    3)  Environmental Stewardship — 
    A balance of Agricultural Best Practises combined with minimizing our footprint on nature.      
    4)  Family Values —
    Farming families who work together, stay together. 
    5)  Safety —  
    Your personal safety, employee safety and food safety are top priority.

  2. Agriculture and nature working together. We encourage killdeer to live in our blueberry patch. Killdeer won't eat blueberries! Their diet consists of insects. These same insects can harm blueberry leaves and berries.

Our Farm History

Berrylicious Fruit Farm History

  • Don grew up on the family fruit farm and nursery business in the Niagara region
  • In 2002 we bought a 75 acre
    farm south of Woodstock
  • We planted our first crop of pumpkins, gourds in 2002
  • We opened our farm gate to
    sales in 2002
  • We planted 4 acres of blueberries in fall 2004
  • In 2005 we expanded our healthy product line by planting 3 acres elderberries
  • We expanded our Blueberries by one acre in 2014
  • We planted small Raspberry planting in 2015

Wendy, Don & kids